Hello! We are Kamiel, Yeon & Miru, a Dutch-Korean family of 3.

A quirky philosopher and a passionate little theatre designer who writes travel stories and lovely children's picture books united to create a revolutionary daughter who is conquering the world with her mesmerizing smile.

We have traveled around the world since late 2009 doing a project called Charity Travel, an independent volunteering journey for small voices that are not really heard in this world. Our travel experiences have sparked the desire to create a base for sustainable living in Portugal with like-minded people. Think permaculture, earthship, sharing, art, children's theatre. Please drop us a line if you are interested. You are welcome to join us!

"Love, Peace and Irony"


1973. Children's Theatre. U2. Stage design. Travel. Haegum. Illustration.


2013. Laughing at the world. Sleeping. Eating broccoli without nagging. Auf der Mauer.


1979. Philosophy. Writing. Violin. Permaculture. Social activism. Ecology. Poetry. Translation.